Interculturality: the Gospel calls us...

Formation day for the General Animation Team


On 25 January, we sisters of general council had a day of training on the topic  “interculturality” guided by Sister Elisabeth Flick, Vice-executive secretary of UISG. She helped us with a beautiful image of iceberg that to get "knowledge about others", especially if we belong to different cultures is like an iceberg, of which we can understand a part but the major part about others is always hidden. It is a great challenge and complex to understand about others, fully because external behaviors, customs, languages show only a small part of the reality. They are beyond its reference values, his worldview, his mentality, his emotional components...
At present the Church calls us to live an "outgoing" (in Uscita) religious life means to get out and stay with people, whereas the various parts of the world intend to build walls, we must have the courage to break down those  walls and barriers that  prevent to live fraternity.  To break down especially the  institutional way and mentality exiting in our congregation.

Accept others and practicing hospitality is not enough to live together but to revitalize the prophetic dimension of religious life in the fruitful coexistence of differences. The differences should not become threats and fear for us but a mutual enrichment and growth.
The special attention was paid on communication since it plays a vital role in construction of relations. We should know that everything is not expressed in speech or in a typical rational form of Western cultures. There are people  who silence speaks lauder than words. Moreover there are different ways and gestures for communication.
We should be aware that interculturality is not something already achieved in our congregation but something to be build. Having lived with sisters of different cultures does not mean that we have truly integrated the differences and learned to live in a reciprocal relationship. It is a long journey that has to be completed mutually with patience and continuity.

Our democratic style of government is a major challenge in the journey of interculturality. Therefore it is important to be aware that we cannot have a complete vision of a reality we can know only a part it.  We are called to place ourselves at the view point to understand better. We must allow ourselves to identify the signs of the times and to renew our way of gazing at.
We ended the day with a moment of sharing, expressing resonances, provocations, lights that will help us continue on the path. 


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