It is time to look up!
Commentary on the Prophet Isaiah
2: 1-5

In this passage Isaiah looks away from the real situation of his people who live in deplorable conditions because they are ungrateful and unfaithful to the alliance. The prophet has the courage to look beyond immediate reality and ... he sees what is not there yet but what will be.

The first verse strikes me: Message that Isaiah received in vision ... As if to say that Isaiah receives as a gift that his dream of peace for his people meets the desire of God and can glimpse the great desire for good that God has for his people: it is the will of God to gather the peoples in the paths of a new humanity in which a nation will no longer raise its sword against another nation, men will no longer learn the art of war, indeed they will break their swords and make plows of them , of their spears they will make scythes and they will walk together in the light of the Lord.

It is the dream of God to make of all humanity one family, his own.

Advent is a special time to feed great visions, great desires about our history, and the history of our families, of our ecclesial communities, of the history of humanity as a whole. The dream, when it is founded on the creative force of the Word of God is not a desolate nostalgia, but rather the place where the design of God becomes concrete, it becomes possible. And this happens not in exceptional cases, in extraordinary moments, but in the daily rhythm of the thousand things in which we are immersed. We need to look up ...

Sr Emilia Barichello

November 30, 2019 (Rome)



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