CODALC declaration against the arrest of religious men and women in the United States

We unite our voices to cry out to our God, the Father of the little ones, for the sake of life, justice and peace.

The Conference of the Dominicans of Latin America and the Caribbean (Codalc) on 21st July, issued a statement expressing their dissent in the face of the arrest of religious and lay people, who peacefully demonstrated against the detention of migrant children in refugee camps in the United States.

Publishing the text of the declaration in full, we intend to express our concern and support for the religious and lay people involved.

Enough! Until when?
Will we continue seeing boys and girls behind a fence....
Our eyes are getting used to these images...
We unite our voices, not only in prayer
but also in peaceful protest, but resistant
before a reality that cries out to heaven…

Brothers and sisters, sons and daughters of the God of life and liberator from all kinds of slavery

As Dominicans of Latin America and the Caribbean, we raise our voices to protest for what happened recently, on July 18, 2019, when United States religious, along with activist groups, were arrested in the U.S. Senate building, the Russell Senate Office Building.

They expressed what cannot be accepted: the violation of human rights, especially for children and those held in detention camps.; the right to seek a more humane and worthy life; to protect the lives of entire families who move and cross borders in our continent.

We join the call and commitment of the CLAR: we renew the option for the excluded at this historical moment; we continue to spur the search for all human dignity; we reject the threats that arise from the current political and economic systems; we join in the prophetic defense of the poor and the little ones; we urge the religious of the Continent not to fail in their passion for life, justice and peace.

We unite our prophetic voices, lives and presence to publicly demand that those responsible for these economic policies, who close the dreams and hopes of our brothers and sisters, convert their hearts of stone into the heart of flesh (Ez 36,27) and recognize the peoples' right to emigrate.

Let us unite our Dominican lives, to beg God made man and friend of the little ones, who changes the minds and hearts of rulers closed in their power.


21 July, 2019


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