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General Chapter of the Order of Preachers

From July 8 to August 4, 2019, a delegation of more than hundred Dominican friars from all over the world will gather in assembly in Biên Hòa (Vietnam) to celebrate the General Chapter of the Order.

In 1974, a General Chapter held in Madonna of the Arc, Italy, decided that the General Chapters, the Order's most important governing body, should be celebrated every 3 years: once, the definitors meet (friars who have no responsibility for government, delegates from their provinces), three years later, the Provincial Priors meet, then the third time, the Provincials and definitors meet together in the Chapter assembly to proceed, among other things, to the election of the new Master of the Order, whose tenure of office lasts for 9 years.

This is what will happen in the Chapter of Bion Hòa, that will elect the 87th successor of Saint Dominic. We are therefore waiting, in faith and joy, we accompany with prayer this strong time of dialogue and fraternity, time of the Holy Spirit, so significant in the life of the Order.

The decisions made by the Chapter of the Friars are not binding on us Dominican sisters, but we are carefully following the laborious and fruitful research that will offer the Dominican Family new guidelines for the mission, and new opportunities for collaboration.

Fr. Bruno Cadoré, the outgoing Master of the Order, in his latest book offers us magnificent pages on the meaning and scope of a Chapter for Dominican life. We share a short paragraph, and this is an opportunity for us to thank him for the strength of his thought, for the affability, energy and simplicity with which he has served the Dominican Family in these 9 years.

"During the Chapter, in which what concerns everyone is put on the table to be debated by all, everyone must be able to express not only his opinions, but also the arguments on which he bases them, with the confidence to be heard without a deductive and inductive. Only dialogue in trust allows us to see the emerging option that arouses the greatest unanimity and which will attract the greatest support. As always, the challenge is to create a communion respectful of diversity. It is not always easy, nor always effective at least in the immediate, but learning to be free together remains a magnificent adventure"
(Cfr. Cadoré B., Avec Lui, écouter l’envers du monde, éd. Cerf, p. 123)

July 7, 2019

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