Mothers in fragility
Ideas from a meeting between the Pope and 850 religious women

Papa e religioseOn this day of prayer for vocations, we gratefully take up some of the ideas offered by Pope Francis during the memorable meeting with the major superiors of women's religious congregations, which took place on May 10th in the Paul VI Hall. Real pearls that help us to deepen the meaning and mission of our consecrated and religious vocation, of apostolic life.

In a fraternal and colorful atmosphere, the Pope immediately set aside the official speech prepared for the occasion and listened to the questions addressed to him by sisters from the five continents. The issues taken into consideration were many, in harmony with the research and the paths that are at the heart of women's religious life in the world, to be a sign of hope and prophecy, in our concrete history today.

The motherhood of the Church and of the Virgin Mary have their reflection in the consecrated woman, who becomes a mother in fragility, without giving birth to a common child. ...

Caring for human frailties is not an act of social charity. No, it is a theological act, it is going to the meeting point between God and a woman in whose bosom He became incarnate, embracing the greatest fragility.

Don't be afraid of frailties!

The role of women, of the religious in the Church, cannot be just functional. The Church is feminine; this is not just an image. It is a reality: in the Apocalypse, the Church is called the Bride! (Ap 21. 22) It is a woman. We must move forward in this "theology of women".

The woman, the consecrated person, is able to understand life and knows how to find ways to accompany, with delicacy, in respect of how life grows. He knows how to move with fragility in a special, theological way! Three pillars of our vocation: fragility - motherhood - service.

And what about how to face the challenges of today's world?

Dialogue with the world presents new situations that call for new answers, which must be born of dialogue, in harmony with revelation.

But above all, testimony is important.

A keyword of our whole life is DISCERNMENT: we need to discern. It's not all black or white, not even all gray, because everything is on its way!

Growing up is risky, but it's even riskier to be scared and stop, don't grow anymore!

Let us walk on the right path, that of revelation, which cannot be changed but develops over time, is in continuous movement to clarify itself.

Let us go ahead in the ecumenism of the poor (service of charity), of blood (martyrdom), of prayer. And in interreligious dialogue, we pursue common values ​​together!

Thank you, Pope Francis!

Rome - May 12, 2019 


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