Commemoration of the birth of Teresa Solari in heaven

Foto Solari battesimo

Teresa Solari was born in the neighbourhood of Chiavari (Genoa, Italy) , in 1822 or 1823. Left motherless as a child, she had to work hard to earn her daily bread. While patient in hospital she chanced to make the acquaintance of Antonietta Cervetto, and, once they were recovered, they set up a charitable work to which they felt drawn by the will of God: to welcome and educate girls who were orphaned or otherwise in need. For forty years Theresa dedicated herself to the wearing fatigue of begging to provide food for her girls, and the people of Genoa were transformed into co-operators in this charity. Theresa died on 7th May, 1908, and the municipality provided her tomb as a token of their gratitude for her outstanding charity. This tomb, from that day onward, has been the destination of unending pilgrimages made by those seeking her intercession in prayer. Numerous “ex votos” testify that she still comes to the help of many families.

Currently, her cause of beatification is on.

From the life of Teresa Solari - Hope

More than once during her life, Theresa had to appeal to her heroic confidence in God, especially when she left the hospital with the firm idea of opening a house to accommodate children in need and without means, an idea for which she was derided

Solari Celebrazioni con i bimbi

Yet she succeeded in establishing her charitable work, which expanded so much as to accommodate almost 200 girls. She used to repeat: -I possess nothing, yet I own the world, because everything belongs to God, my spouse.

She had to face serious difficulties in order to obtain that Father Vera might accept the direction of the Small House; even more when her Superiors decided to send her to America: however, her trust in God allowed her to overcome the difficulties and Father Vera remained in the Small House until the Lord called him to himself.

Endowed with an ardent character, she kept a surprising calm before difficulties and adversities, repeating with St. Francis : The good I wait for is so great as every pain is, for me, a delight. 

She wanted her daughters to imitate her in this trust,  abandoning themselves in God and getting used to repeat, “The divine Will be done and praised for ever”,  even in the most difficult events of life.

Adages collected from the lips of the Servant of God:

Tomba Solari

The essence of charity is in pure and perfect charity.

If we truly work for the good, we shall never miss the help of Providence

Everything is mine, because it is of my Spouse Jesus. 

The little orphan girls are my treasure and my soul.

When we welcome the poor little girls, we welcome Jesus and His Providence.

The soul that forgets itself is devoured by zeal for the glory of God: it fatigues, suffers, consumes itself to increase it and to please the heart of our Lord.   


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