Catherine speaks to our hearts

In Siena

How beautiful it is to see how Catherine of Siena a simple woman who lived 600 years ago still touches the hearts of so many people all around the world. It is not rare to receive on this same website expressions of intense prayer coming from countries such as Canada, Columbia, Mexico and others. People address Saint Catherine with trust because she has loved the Lord so much and she will be able to take their deep desires in front of Him!

During these days, our young sisters from Nigeria and Uganda preparing for Final Profession have journeyed on the footsteps of Saint Catherine in Siena as well as in Rome.

They unanimously shared how they would like to have today that courage and discernment which enabled Catherine to speak the right word to every person, such as the Pope, the rich, the princes, the poor, the prisoners etc.

Her deep love for Christ strongly challenged them. It was this same love that united her to Jesus and pushed her towards so many people she took care of and nourished as a true mother. While preparing to say yes to the Lord for all our life, we cannot be indifferent to the passion of Saint Catherine for God, for the Church and for all mankind.

It is very evident that Catherine today would be on the forefront to face the big challenges of our contemporary world: the struggle for peace which is threatened in so many areas, conflicts in the families, abuses and human trafficking, the urgent need of holistic education for the new generations and so on.

A deep prayer life was for St Catherine the origin of her commitment in the world. While continuously in prayer, she was immerged in Jesus as fish in the sea and she became a true mirror of Jesus.

To her maternal intercession, we entrust our sisters who are preparing for religious consecration “till death”, as it is expressed in our Dominican Constitutions.

Around Catherine, we are all united today - lay people, religious and priests, young and old ones who are part of the “brigade” of the spiritual daughters and sons of Saint Catherine, as Neri de Landoccio was at his time:

Video edited by our sisters of the Province of Italy

April 25, 2019

Watch the new videoclip on St Catherine made by our sisters from Pakistan (song in Urdu language):


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