Excerpts of the letter of Sr. M. Elvira, Prioress general, to the Congregation for Easter 2019

As you see from the date, I am writing to you from our unique city of Albi. I am here with Sr Maria del Rosario and Sr. M. Romina to accompany five Juniors from Nigeria and Uganda who are preparing for Perpetual Vows. We are retracing the places where St Dominic and Mother Gérine were, walking in their footsteps; often we pray together for the entire Family – and all of you are always in my heart…

During these days when I have been praying and reflecting as I searched for the words to wish you a holy feast of the Resurrection, there came continually into my mind, into my heart and into my prayer these four words from the Gospel: “He is not here”. I repeated this simple yet powerful phrase many times, “He is not here”; it re-echoed in my heart and soul over and over again: “He is not here”.  … “He is not here”!

My dears, I invite you all, as I invite myself, to do two things this Easter :

•  to identify and call by name all the situations of death, of darkness, of absence of hope and dreams, that we recognise in our personal life, family life, community life, in the life of humanity and of the entire world. 

•  to cry out with faith and gratitude to each of these situations which are a grave and speak of death, “He is not here!” Let us do it with trust, with certainty, with the complete surety that comes from the Easter Day of the Lord Jesus… 

With a heartfelt embrace to each one of you, I ask the triumphant Lord to bless us all, and I wish you a HAPPY EASTER !

Sr M. Elvira Bonacorsi

20 Avril 2019


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