"My Lord and my God, I offer you my life "

Rose flower

For 4 weeks we have entered into the life of Sr. Mónica Loyarte, we tried to deepen the path, the testimony, we have contemplated her passion: TO LOVE without fear of abandoning herself, at any price, her dream of being a missionary in Africa, the option of her life: "From the Lord, for the Lord to the brethren" ... A daring force that manifested itself in concrete gestures and in a journey more and more oriented towards full freedom, a total abandonment!

She assumed her time as God's time, thankful for the gift of life and the Gospel.

Today, 24th of March, is the day of prayer and fasting in memory of the missionary martyrs of our time, we contemplate the moment when Sr. Mónica got hit by two gun shots fired by bandits to stop the car she was driving, delivered her last words while she shed her blood: "My Lord and my God, I offer you my life!"

The gift of Mónica was also donated by her parents who wanted her body to remain in Uganda, as this was her dream: "She will always be our Mónica, we leave her be to be your Atwooki", in the Garden of Uganda! (*)

"A Few days ago, while I was praying, an image and some phrases came to mind,

which I believe summarize what I am living. With this I made my prayer:

"Lord, when you come to seek  me, surely you will not find me clean  and impeccabile;
Only I hope that my heart will be full of brethren and my hands full of life for You!”

(Sr Mónica Loyarte)

24 March, 2019

(*) Atwooki is the name that the Banyoro people of Kakumiro (Uganda) gave to Sr. Mónica as a sign of acceptance.

Means: Flower planted in the garden.

Click HERE to follow the interview (in English) to Fr. Sebastian Benyumiza, parish priest, who welcomed Sr. Mónica and our first Ugandan community and was wounded himself in the incident that cost the life of Sr. Monica.


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