Maternal face of Love

We Continue to make memories of our sister Monica Loyarte, a woman called and delivered to love. She was conscious that fear could be the enemy of love, and for this reason she decided to give herself totally by "giving a maternal face to God's love" (Constitutions of the Dominican sisters of St. Catherine of Siena, No. 72), committing herself with every person she met and that she herself was going to look, even beyond the borders…

Give me the grace, Lord, to promote, where I have to work, justice, solidarity, sharing with the needy, respect for all men, especially for the marginalized.

That everyone who approach us may commit themselves to build a new society, along with us who must be the first ones!

Give me the grace to be the voice of the voiceless!

Lord, since you have freed me for the moment from the need to weep, let me console those who suffer.

Teach me to accompany the people in their journey towards You, worrying about their needs ,and helping them, first of all, to get closer to You each day.

That I may be an authentic and happy witness to your Kingdom, so that men, upon seeing my  works, may acknowledge the Father that you have revealed to us.

Help me, Lord, to give life to all who approach me, and make me worry about their  needs... "

(from some writings of Sr. Monica)

17 March, 2019 


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