With wings spread to the Wind

We continue to make memory of the life of Sr. Mónica Loyarte, a free woman: So, she was described by many of the people who have known her. Following the example of Jesus, she was able to create with the people around her genuine human relationships, loving freely and liberally, as expressed by our Constitutions (No. 71).
Neither fear, nor comfort, nor her personal limitations... confined her desire to surrender herself fully to Love!

"I do not want to give up compromising myself seriously, even if it costs, as far as possible, as far as is necessary.
The Lord is giving me a great inner freedom and a great strength. I do not want to lose them.
 But, above all, I do not want to stop trying to at least, love with all my strength."

"Thank you, Lord, because you do not force me,
because you respect my freedom.
But do not allow, I beg you,
that I do not fulfill your will...
Give me the grace to always answer YES...
Even if my answer at the beginning were to be negative,
give me the grace to always answer YES.
I have to leave everything and follow you.
Help me now and further on,
Because alone is impossible.
Lord, help me because, little by little,
My roots penetrate deep into your gospel,
That do not dry easily,
But they keep themselves solid,
So that others may cling to me without falling."
(Texts by Mónica Loyarte)

March 10, 2019


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