Sr Monica Loyarte, called to go!

Continuing to remember Sr. Monica Loyarte, our sister from Argentina, who was killed in Uganda five months after the establishment of the first community in Uganda. We remember the moment when Sr. Monica responded generously and clearly to the appeal that the prioress general, Mother Maria-Pia Quochi made to the whole Congregation. This mission was realised there because some of the sisters gave their availability to open a new mission in Africa.

This memory is painful and precious for us today, since on 3 March 1994 the funeral of Sr Monica and in Rome the funeral of Sr Maria-Pia, who died 3 days after Monica (after a long illness) were celebrated in Uganda. In the coming weeks we will continue to narrate  the story …

"My response to your question is YES, you can count on me.
I'm afraid; if I'm the most suitable one to be the first Argentinian in Africa, I don’t know ... but you can count on me.
Thank you for accompanying me with your prayer and I know that the other sisters will do pray for me. Like never before, I need the support of my sisters in every sense, especially with prayer.
I am convinced that this comes from God, but I am not sure that I will be able to realize all the expectations, could I be able to resist physically or psychologically, it would be all predictions, but "I know it is God who sets me on a journey".
I am conscious to be sure of myself in many aspects such as to adopt the attitude of a child, abandon myself totally in the hands of God because He is the only one who knows all.  I need to grow in humility and capacity to listen, to learn more than to teach, to depend on others and not for others to turn around me. I feel that it is a special call of Jesus to grow in virtue, this is why I repeat: "It is God’s thing"”. 
Sr Monica Loyarte - January 9, 1991)

March 3, 2019


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