Our story was born in the heart of Françoise-Catherine Fabre, a young Frenchwoman of the 19th century.

From childhood, Françoise-Catherine (Gérine, as she would later be known) had a deep love for St Dominic, and, following the example of St Catherine, she cultivated the inner mystery of love that led her to consecrate her whole life to the service of those who lived in insecurity and want. Desiring to respond to love with love, she interiorised this teaching of St Catherine: “We cannot be useful to God, so we must be useful to our neighbour; it is the nature of love to love all those things which are loved by the person one loves".

Inhabited by this desire, Gérine Fabre strove to share it with other companions. Initially, she was a Dominican Tertiary; later she founded, in southern France, a new religious Congregation which, through her life and mission, expressed the Dominican charism according to the mind, heart and example of St Catherine of Siena.
In the course of a few years, the communities multiplied, and Mother Gérine, with the daring of those who entrust themselves entirely to God, sent her sisters to Italy and to Uruguay. 

But the religious Family she founded divided into two autonomous Congregations in 1879, for historical reasons; they came together again as a single Family in 2005, as the foundress’s heart had desired.
And from the trunk of this Family tree sprang forth a new shoot, a different way of living the Dominican charism of Mother Gérine: the way of lay associates. It is a gift the Lord is making to our religious Family: to discover that Mother Gérine’s charism is given to brothers and sisters who live it in the specificity of their lives as laity. We are treading this new road on the four continents where we are present, proclaiming together to the people of today, so needy of truth and love, the Mercy of the Father.


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