Free and mild

On the occasion of the death anniversary of our Foundress Mother Catherine-Gérine Fabre (December 31, 1887) we want to share a story from her life, related by the first sisters and the first biographer, Fr. Gabriel Bonhomme (Les dominicaines de la Congrégation de Sainte-Catherine de Sienne d'Albi, 1913): 

"It is always in the depths that great things are hidden. ...
Born from nothing, the work undertaken by Mother Gérine developed in the midst of difficulties of all kinds, and with very poor and meagre ressources; undertaken by country girls, without education or fortune, rich only in their youthful energy and generosity. In the heart of her who was to be the instrument of God's Providence, there was the hidden treasure of that humility which forms the meek.

It is told that one day an ecclesiastical personage arrived at the house and asked to speak with the superior. She graciously did him the honours of the house. … Before the simplicity and poverty reigning everywhere he let escape this singular comment : «But my poor Mother, your community is just nothing!» «Oh ! Sir -replied Mother Gérine gently- we are really less than nothing; because a 'nothing' cannot offend God, whereas we do offend him»". 


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