Pak Embassy Xmas Decorations

A Christmas celebration was held at the Embassy of Pakistan in Rome on Wednesday, 13 December 2017. The event was attended by a large number of people including religious priests and nuns from different congregations and several Muslim and Christian families. A quite a big number of religious were also present, who lived and have worked in Pakistan for past years. The ceremony was hosted by Ambassador Nadeem Riyaz.

The program includes, carols singing in Urdu, Punjabi, English and Italian. There was a short speech by the ambassador, he thanked all the participants who accepted the invitation and were present for the celebration. He said: Christmas is valuing interfaith harmony, Christmas is a time of rejoicing, Christmas is a time of forgiving, Christmas is a time of reaching distances and building bridges, Christmas is a time of sharing love, joy, peace and harmony. Let us forget all our differences because at the end of the day we believe in a God wants the world beautiful. Each religion teaches peace and tolerance and it is the reason that in Pakistan we have a long history of co-existing. Although some time there are some misfortune but our desire is to support co-existence.

As the founder of Pakistan has said in one of his address: “Minorities to which ever community they may belong; will be safeguarded. Their religion or faith or belief will be secure. There will be no interference of any kind with their freedom of worship. They will have their protection with regard to their religion, faith, their life, their culture. They will be, in all respects, the citizens of Pakistan without any distinction of caste or creed.” He said that at present the whole world is suffering because there is no peace, harmony and tolerance. We desire and pray that it may be establish.

Happy Christmas to all of you!

Sr. M. Rukhsana Murad (Rome - Via degli Artisti)

13 December, 2017

Sisters at the Xmas Celebration


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