Our Experiences working as Teachers in St. Dominicís Convent Girls High School

Dominican Sisters Johar town school

Teachers are members of a vitally important profession. They teach essential skills and concepts; they nurture curiosity and a sense of wonder; they cultivate abilities and interests and give their students a sense of significance and purpose.
St. Dominicís Covent run by most respectful Dominican Sisters in Pakistan, is a very competitive Catholic high school. It is consistently ranked among the top Catholic high schools in Lahore.
Being part of a missionary institution is a great privilege in oneís practical life. I started my professional career from St. Dominicís Convent Girls High School, Lahore and was among the pioneer teachers.
I started my teaching career in the guidance of Sr. Catherine Hamid. She provided ample opportunities for the staff at that time. The most important of which was grooming and building confidence among the teachers as the school had tough competition in the area and the teachers needed to be strictly professional. Today, I find myself lucky that I got this wonderful chance to work with her again. It was the fruit of her training and professional guidance then that I am now reaping as I assist her currently in the different matters of the school.
All this time working with the Dominican Sisters has been a huge blessing for me. The way they handle matters and situations as heads is remarkable. The Dominicans maintain a very comfortable working environment for their employees. It is a nurturing environment where every employee share a good, personal and professional space with each other. It would not be wrong to say that the school makes me feel at home  All my colleagues and the leadership of Dominican Sisters are one big family. Our Sisters strongly weave the fabric of  relationship with their staff.
Here I would proudly write my own experience about the Dominican Sisterís humanitarian concerns. Their love and care for their staff members are beautiful examples of generosity.
Two years back I was diagnosed with a breast cancer. It was a traumatic situation as my two beautiful children were still very young. I had my husband and children to look after and manage the school as well. The way my Principal Sister at that time helped me was a very loving and great gesture as I wasnít even sure when I will get well and join the school. Not only that, they consistently provided me with moral support throughout my painful process of chemotherapy. 
I love St. Dominicís because of the faculty and staff's attention to my needs both academically and emotionally. My colleagues are my friends who care about me and my principals are mentors who care about my future. St. Dominicís has provided me with so many opportunities to be involved in the school as well as in the community.It is not just a place to learn but a place to grow as an individual.
At St. Dominicís, I received an extraordinary guidance while learning to grow professionally as a teacher and improve my educational and social skills by interacting with the students on different levels. Over the years working with the Dominicans, I have also grown closer to God and my faith strengthened.
As an employee working in the school for more than 20 years, I could not be more proud of this institution. It is the most caring, nurturing, academically challenging, fun place for girls to grow and mature through their teenage years.The school has the spirit of unity and the administration makes sure that parents have plenty of opportunities to be involved.

St. Dominicís Convent High School is an overall great experience. It prepares students for college and really shapes girls into young women of Christ. In fact, working under the leadership of the Dominican Sisters has turned me into a true professional. I had a pretty much great teaching as well as learning experience at St. Dominic's and if I had to go back and restart my teaching career, I dont think I would have chosen any other school.

Mrs. Sadaf Javed

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St Dominics Johar town teacherSt. Dominicís Convent School is one of the best schools in Lahore. It was started in 1996.
In the initial years this institute faced a lot of hurdles in its way but its firm determination and belief lead it to success and accomplish its mission. As a private non-profit school, our focus is entirely on providing the best possible education for our students with 20 years history of quality education. St. Dominicís has produced some shining stars in this galaxy of talented people. Education is the back bone of the nation, so our high faculty takes personal interest in each student.
Security is one the major issue in schools of Pakistan; our school is facing this problem too. As when you arenít mentally satisfied with the security level neither teaching staff nor students would focus on their aim. [...]

This school has been my second home and it is my identity from ever since I join it.
I have always taught the students like my own children and promoted the mission for this school to provide quality education regardless of any discrimination. Dominican sisters have always guided me in almost every situation. They have always taught me with love and care. I have always felt that this school is a sacred place and everyone in this school is blessed by the Grace of God.
May God Bless Our School!

Mrs. Shahnaz Saleem

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When the school was started on 15 april,1996 ۔ sinceSt. Dominics Johar town teacher that day my journey of teaching was also started. I am pioneer of the St. Dominic's convent school. After doing six years job I left and got married. Now my kids are bigger so few months before I wished to rejoin the same institution.Then I applied and appointed as a teacher.
Why did I again choose the St. Dominic's school?
Reason is very clear, my teaching experience is very good and memorable with the sisters. It is a blessing and pleasure for me to work with them.Their extraordinary discipline, team work, hard work, always keep the eyes of the betterment of institution, high approach to achieve the goal, serve life for human beings, right decisions at the right time, controlling  power and motivate the workers.
When the school was started it had few children, teachers, small building and lack of basic things but with the passage of time and struggle of sisters it became a well known, nourishing and promising institution in the area of Johar Town.
At the same time the school needs further more betterment and improvement to face the challenge of the modern and electronic  world...

Ms Azra Jamshaid 


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