Last Years of the life of Teresa Solari

Year 1907: Mother Teresa felt her strength growing weaker. Her health had always been unstable, and no longer allowed her to be occupied with the work or with the community. Yet it was good to see her sometimes moving around the house and stopping near the children to caress them and give them her lovely smile. She lived quietly and abandoned to God’s will, as she had been all her life.
At the beginning of May 1908, she developed bronchitis, which showed that the end was near.
On the evening of 7 May, all the sisters gathered round Mother Teresa’s bed. She had followed the Anointing of the Sick with lucidity of mind and serenity of soul, and had asked forgiveness for any pain she might have caused. No-one had told her anything about a campaign of calumnies and insinuations about the Little House that was taking place just then; but she smilingly said, “You do not dare to tell me anything, but I know you are troubled … Courage, it will all work out!
She then entered serenely into her agony.
Her birthday in Heaven was, therefore, 7 May 1908. She was 85 years old, and had been professed for 37 years.

palloncini verso il cielo Teresa Solari

O God, in your faithful Servant Theresa Solari
You gave us a perfect model of every virtue,
particularly a distinguished trust in your loving Providence
and an impressive fortitude amongst all the difficulties of life.
Grant us, we pray, to follow such admirable examples
amidst the many problems of present time.
And, if it pleases You to glorify her even here on earth,
grant, we beseech You, to manifest  in her the greatness of your Mercy
by granting us the grace……..(*) we so ardently desire.
We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 

Bambini con i palloncini verso il cielo Teresa Solari

Remembering the 100th anniversary of death of Mother Theresa (2008-2009)

(*) You can entrust a special prayer intention to Mother Theresa


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