The Mission Office is a dynamic area of proclamation, of promoting life, of solidarity and of self-giving.


What it does :


It identifies, animates and coordinates projects of solidarity and missionary formation in Mother Gérine’s Family
It promotes help and gestures of solidarity for those in need, and concrete experiences of sharing, in support of the Congregation’s mission
It encourages the option for a sober and unified lifestyle 

A concrete commitment
                                        for justice, dignity and respect

                                                                                           for every person.




  • the members of Mother Gérine’s Family
  • workers in the Mission Office
  • various benefactors
  • missionary volunteers
  • those for whom the project is destined


Areas of intervention:

  1. Children in need
  2. Health
  3. Justice and peace



  1. Distance adoption, scholastic formation, meals and food parcels.
  2. Preventative programmes, care, health assistance, collaboration with other health centres.
  3. Formation programmes, study days, round tables, awareness initiatives.

















































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