In the occasion of the Congress on the Mission of the Order held in Angelicum, from 17 to 21 January 2017, followed by the celebration of Holy Mass for the conclusion of the Jubilee Year, presided by Pope Francis, the community of Via degli Artisti was called to "enlarge its tent". For some days the sisters of different nationalities: France, England, Germany, Zimababwe, Japan and from different Congregations of the Dominican Family (including two nuns from Prouilhe) have enriched and added colour to the already multicolored nature typicak of the house!
Our sister Viviana S. participated in the Congress on behalf of all. She shared some strong ideas:

“El diálogo entre la experiencia y la teología es nuestro servicio a la Iglesia ... Somos predicadores de la paz y de la comunión"
(Padre Bruno Cadoré, Maestro de la Orden)
"Para seguir hablando con Dios y de Dios en un mundo violento se requiere de dos pulmones: la profecía y la mística"
(P. Carlos Mendoza Alvarez, Mexico)
“La humanidad es nuestro Evangelio ... todos los hombres son un Evangelio para nosotros. El otro no es alguien a quien temer, es quien me puede dar algo muy valioso, el Evangelio de su vida .... unas de las tareas de la Orden podría consistir en “enseñar a la gente a leer esos libros humanos"".
(Hna Hieslmayr, Austria)

The documentation of the Congress, the videos of some conferences and the closing Mass are accessible on the website of the Order:

Some sisters received in via degli Artisti offered us testimony:
Very moving and humbling to find oneself part of this huge assembly of men and women of God. Inspiring and comforting to be made so aware of Jesus, God, as the Centre and Mover of it all. Enjoyable to make new friends from all over the world... a foretaste of Heaven!” (Sr Valery, Dominican Sisters of Saint Catherine of Siena - Stone)

“Our reception at Santa Sabina was like home coming. We were welcomed with open arms, made to feel at home.... The sisters at the convent where we stayed were so loving and caring. It was like visiting our own sisters.
At the Congress, I heard brothers and sisters sharing their own experiences, their stories and encounters with the people of God. We have been challenged to live the Gospel. Our encounter with each-other in the community and with the people of God must speak for themselves of the Love and Mercy of God. I go back strengthened and challenged to live authentically in my community and filled with gratitude for having experienced Dominican joy and Hospitality”
(Sr Tariro Chimanyiwa, Dominican Missionary Sisters)

"Vivre la clôture du Jubilé à Rome ... un cadeau extraordinaire.
Après avoir accueilli tant de sœurs, de frères et des laïcs op tout au long de cette année jubilaire à Prouilhe, me voici accueillie moi-même au cœur de l'Eglise, dans ce lieu de confirmation de l'Ordre par le Pape.
Recevoir au plus profond de moi cette confirmation de ma propre vocation qui m'envoie au service de l'Ordre et de l'Eglise sur des chemins que je n'aurais pas imaginés ...
Un merci profond à nos sœurs dont l'accueil nous permet de vivre ce don qui nous est fait"
(Sr Geneviève-Emmanuel, monastrère de Prouilhe)

At the end, Sr Lillian O., of the community:
“Every event comes with its own expectations and emotions. However, we as community lived this moment in serenity, communion, renewal of oneness/fraternity and testimony in the little way we served our visitors. Indeed the event was full of joy, life, encouragement and strength. I was very glad that I participated in the liturgical celebration by saying the prayer of the faithful in my language.
I experienced the event as a moment of Grace and I thank God and the community for making it possible for me to participate in this historical event


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