Vocation experiences

First of all I am very thankful to God for all his blessings which he has given me to continue my faith journey especially for the gift of as Christian and for the Dominican vocation. To discern God’s will in my life was not easy and it is not easy to find my way in the religious life without the grace of God. It is impossible to enter in a religious life and to continue my way without trusting in God the Father.

From the very beginning it was not in my mind to join the religious life but God’s ways are different then our ways. After my matriculation, I attended a vocation program conducted by the Dominican sisters. I was very much inspired and I felt that God is calling me to another way of life. This desire became stronger and the time came to say goodbye to my natural family. Since the time I joined the religious life, I came to know more deeply myself, to God  and  religious vocation. Before entering in religious life I didn’t know the real meaning of the consecrated life but gradually I have understood the meaning of religious life. It is my wonderful formative journey to know the religious life and to dedicate my life only for Christ.

I found my way by accepting myself as a human being and to accept the others as they are, not as I want. Many times it was difficult for me to fulfill the demands of this life but I always took an example of the Apostles that first they also found it very difficult to follow Jesus and some of them left Him in the time of suffering. I reflect that it is a great challenge for me to follow Christ and to do his will in my life. Sometime it was hard to obey but I found my way that I'm not here to do my own will but the will of God. I struggle to change myself according to the demands and needs of this life.

Many times the situation came that I wanted to leave this life because the ups and downs of religious life but again God helped and guided me through the situations and people so that I myself commit myself freely to serve him, I desire to use all my energies and talents only for Jesus and for my brothers and sisters who are in search of God. To be a Dominican sister is a great opportunity for me to know myself, God, people and the situations around. I have strong experience of God’s mercy, love, and kindness in my life and in my family. I feel that God is always close to me because whenever I am upset and worried about anything so, that is the time to be stronger in my faith and trusting on God’s power in my life. I feel happy whenever I help someone in their work, in this way I give joy to the others. I feel compassion for the suffering humanity who are thirsty of the Word of God. Following the example of St. Dominic, Mother Gerine and St. Catherine, I may be a true follower of Jesus.

                                                                                                                                                                                                Raheela Patras 


"You are my refuge, you protect me from distress and surround me with songs of deliverance”  (Ps 32:7)

I am very thankful to God for all His Graces and especially for the Christian call and the gift of vocation. I found the personal path towards religious life by the grace and love of God and my own relation with Him in prayers. In His love He choose me and he called me for this beautiful life. I choose the path of eternal life of peace, love and joy in order to be a joyful religious. When I entered in the formation house it was very difficult for me to follow this lifestyle. Sometimes I got disturbed and discouraged for different situations but the grace of God and love of God worked in my life and still I am growing day by day to accept all the challenges and consequences of my daily life.  God is my refuge and strength He always protects me and guides me in every step of my life. There are some moments when I really feel that God is very close to me whenever I am in difficulty. When I was aspirant my father died. It was very difficult for me to accept this reality. Many questions came in my mind stay in the convent or leave this life. I was unable to cope with my situation. Now when I am going to take my first profession my brother died. I was very much upset because of my mother and my family. These are the moments when I experience the love and care for me and really I discern my vocation that He called me and He gave me His grace to response to His call freely. I feel that God has given me the chance to be strong and courageous in my life. Being human, sometimes I get disturb in my life but He is always reminding me that the wonders of my life are because of God’s grace. This is the love of God which is working in my life in every situation. When I enter in this house, I was a timid person and I had very self-knowledge. Being in this life I experienced the growth of my life and feel that I am living with my free will. A human being can be perfect by time with natural growth and by one’s own effort assisted by the grace of God. I take up the responsibility of my emotions on myself. I am able to hear the critical voice within me. I can move with my emotions honestly. I feel that I am mature enough to my Christian and religious call. A mature religious trusts in God, follows His will and works for the betterment of her ownself and of the world. I am experiencing the unconditional love of Christ for me. Although this life is not a bad of roses. The way of the cross is not an easy way. Its full of temptations and difficulties but its very beautiful to be His true follower in such situations. I am experiencing the acceptance and understanding of the reality of the life and the love and grace of God which is given me the chance to grow more and more in His love and of my neighbor for which God has called me to fulfill His mission and to experience His unconditional love and mercy.                                                                                                                                           

                                                                                                                                                                                              Saba Akram 


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