1. The Father’s desire for the salvation of humanity, revealed by Jesus through his Incarnation, reached the heart of Mother Gérine Fabre, a Dominican tertiary, overflowed from her life through the action of the Spirit, and was manifested as compassion for all.

2. Fired with the same passion for life, many women soon came to join her, to share her mission of mercy. This is how the religious Family established by Mother Gérine in the south of France in the middle of the nineteenth century was born; from Albi, the Motherhouse, it has spread across the world.

3. Daughters of Mother Gérine, it is with trustful hope that we assume our history. It is marked by a long period of separation into two Congregations, which came together as a new religious Family approved by the Holy See with the Decree of Union, 14 June 2005.
   This history of ours is a proclamation that unity, the ardent desire of Jesus, is possible.

4. Contemplating the Virgin of Pity, Mother Gérine received the charism of showing the maternal face of the Father’s Mercy, and became its living embodiment as she followed the footsteps of St Catherine of Siena along the furrow marked out by St Dominic.
   With hands always outstretched towards every kind of weakness and misery, she gave her life to the very end, so that every person might know that they are loved by the God of Truth, who liberates and saves.

5. As Dominican Sisters of St Catherine of Siena, like Catherine we share in the grace of St Dominic, who desired a Family totally dedicated to the preaching of Truth for the salvation of his brothers and sisters. Mother Gérine pointed to Catherine as our mother and teacher, so that we might imitate her tender and daring charity.

6. Rooted in the Church, and inserted in the world like Dominic, Catherine and Mother Gérine, we carry into the present their ardent desire to contemplate and proclaim the mercy of the Father.
   In contemplating the mystery of the Incarnation, we live Christ’s compassion for every person, especially when in them we see the face of God disfigured.
   We are mendicants for the mercy of the Father, and go wherever the Word calls us to proclaim it. Thus we become servants of the Word, which humanises and evangelises every situation in life, and transfigures it.

7. The life of the apostles, united around Jesus and sent out by him to preach, is the inspiration for our own way of living.
   “Brought together in community, with one heart and one soul in God” , and in a lifestyle that is simple and welcoming, we are called to become artisans of fraternity and communion in the world.
   We contemplate the Truth, sought for in sapiential study, recognised in the events of human history, and celebrated in the liturgy, so that it moulds our lives and makes them into a proclamation of Jesus the Saviour.
   Through the preaching of the Word of God, and by the works of mercy – particularly our work of education and healthcare – we take care of the whole person, promoting the dignity of all God’s children.

8. The search for the common Good is expressed by our way of government, in which we all responsibly participate.

9. Mother Gérine’s gift of compassion finds expression today in different vocations which are grafted into the common grace of Baptism.
   We sisters, through our religious consecration, profess public vows of obedience, chastity and poverty, in the joy of belonging to God for the salvation of our brothers and sisters.
   The lay associates, and those in other ways aggregated with us, express the one charism through the specificity of their own vocation.

10. The Spirit urges us today to discover together, in the Church, new ways of telling every man and woman that they are loved by God.

11. In the present age of the story of salvation history, Mary, the Mother of Mercy, is our companion and guide for the journey. Like her, the Virgin of Pity, we welcome into our arms the Christ who is present in the brothers and sisters we meet, and for whom we offer our lives.


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