“To contemplate and reveal the motherly face of the Mercy of God, who in Jesus saves and frees us”
is the basis of our “being together”, the motive and inspiration of our mission.

We proclaim this Good News with the testimony of our lives and through the works of mercy suitable for the times and places in which we are present.

In particular:

We care for children and young people through our service of education.  
Open to reality and inspired by the Gospel, our schools - present in Africa, Latin America, Asia and Europe - are places of exploration where, through teaching and experience, children and young people are helped to acquire independent thought, critical faculties, a sense of responsibility and openness towards others.

Through our healthcare, we make ourselves “neighbours” to those suffering in body and spirit.
Attentive to the complex needs of the sick, with our loving and professionally qualified service we care for the whole person, teaching the mystery of life and suffering. We give particular attention to old people who live in solitude and abandonment, and to those suffering from AIDS, especially in the last phase of their lives. 

We work to support children tried by poverty and war, or who live with physical or psychological distress, seeking also to work with their families.

We accompany and give privileged listening to young people searching for a future and for meaning, also to those who feel themselves far from God and from the Church.

We allow ourselves to be challenged by the situation of women in countries where their dignity is not respected, and we commit ourselves to specific projects for them to obtain their rightful place in the family and in society.

We are attentive and receptive to every call for personal accompaniment, to formation of various kinds, and to preaching

We are stimulated and spurred on to cross frontiers, to enter into active forms of dialogue with other religions, cultures, and ways of thinking different from ours, with the closures and contradictions of our times. Moreover, we commit ourselves to share and transform the inhuman conditions of life that weigh on marginalised populations.

To respond to new calls, we are open to inter-congregational and ecumenical collaboration.

All these place us in a typically Dominican attitude towards study and research, so that we may enter into ever deeper knowledge of the faith and walk together with the men and women of our time.

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