Prayer for peace and mourning

On 29th April 2018,(the feast of St. Catherine of SienaHoly Rosary Parish Warispura Faisalabad, observed a day of mourning for all the recent Victims of religious intolerence, violence, terrorism and offered special prayers for peace and harmony in Pakistan on the call of His Excellency Archbishop Joseph Arshad, the President of Pakistan Bishops' Conference.

When we look at the recent incident of Shahdra Lahore accusing Patras Masih and his cousion Sajid Masih of Blasphemy, Killing of a young man Mr. Sunil Saleem by the security Guards and Doctors of Services Hospital Lahore, two different incidents of firing in Quetta, burning Asima by throwing Acid on her face and body in Sialkot, it seems that the level of tolerence and patience is lessening day by day.

Pak Prayer with Catherine

"We appeal to the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take “Suo motu” action against such brutal incidents so that peace may prevail in pakistan and Christian community may feel safe and secure".

(From the Facebook page of Fr. Younas Shahzad, op - Parish Priest)



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